A) Internet payment of traffic allegations (tribute 064)

Remember: The amount of this claim is entitled to a 50% bonus or reduction in the amount of the amount if payment is made until 20 calendar days after the date of the complaint.

B) Internet payment of tickets from the Ordinance for the Promotion of Civic Coexistence (tribute 083)

Remember: Denounced individuals can take their responsibility by paying fines, with a reduction of 50% of the minimum amount (rounded to the nearest whole number) if the payment is made within 10 calendar days of the receipt.

C) Payment Method

Use the payment reference contained in the document available to fill in the required fields (marked with *) and proceed to the next screen to make the payment.

For example:

070403 3 064 0640 123456789 must enter 123456789 (in section "Proof Number / reference")
070403 3 083 0830 123456789 must enter 123456789 (in section "Proof Number / reference")

In "Issuer" section, the number 070403 appears (fixed value that appears in your payment document).

In the "Mode" section appears the number 3 (fixed value that appears in your payment document just behind the Issuer).

In the "Tribute" section you must select one of the 2 possible values that come out "064" or "083"

In the "Proof Number / reference" section, the first box will be filled in with one of the 2 values selected in the "Tribute" section, then we will enter the last 9 digits (as underlined in the examples) of the "justification number" of the complaint.

In the "Amount" section, enter the amount without points and, only if necessary, a comma and two decimals. For example, for €30 you would enter 30; for €1200,75 enter 1200,75.

Data for Internet payment.

In case of right to bonus, enter the already subsidized amount.